Visits: Peace Corp Volunteer in Tonga


Well I received the holiday party video and was able to see and hear many of you. Thank you for all the wonderful messages and well wishes. I hope you are all doing well too and anytime you can bear standing in front of a video camera and spouting out a message to me, I would love to see that too. I miss you all.

That said many of you said you wished to come visit and I would love to see each and every one of you. I know a few people are planning a visit and I have been talking to you already. For everyone else there are a few details about my living situation that I must share. If I was living in America I would say Yes visit! And leave it at that. But this is Tonga not America. So:

Single women, yes visit!

Married couples, yes I would love to see you too, but you must come together. Also I can offer a place to stay to the wife, but the husband may need to sleep at a neighbors house or in a tent.

Single men, sorry boys you aren’t really even able to be alone in my house with me. I would still love to see you, but you may need to stay in a guest house in town and I can come in and spend the day with you, but it is not appropriate to have you stay in my house regardless of our relationship.

Folks that can’t visit me in Tonga: Of course I wish I could see you, but that is fine no hard feelings. I can’t come visit you either. Guess that is one of the hardships of the Peace Corps. I just want you to know that I love you and I think of you often.

So the last email had some pictures of interesting things I thought you might like, or at least might represent the differences or make you laugh. One of the responses I got was wishing there was a picture of me! Opps I guess I do hide behind the camera a lot. So I am sending a picture of me and my friends after our youth group dance. It is blurry but my camera is sucking right now so I hope it is better than nothing.