Hi everyone, just a quick note to say I am ok, safe, unharmed physically as is everyone on my island. Some volunteers and I compared notes this morning so here is what we found to have happened.

Yesterday morning there was an earthquake off the coast of Samoa. It was a 7.9-8.3, or a big one and it was 30-80km below the surface, or close to the surface. Those conditions combined make for tsunamis.

And they did. There was a large tsunami in both Samoa and American Samoa. After the warning anouncement went on the radio there was only 10 minutes before the tsunami hit. They have sustained lots of damage, injury and loss of life. The numbers aren't in but they were hit hard.

In Tonga the wave hit the northern most island of Niuatoputapu hard. They were out of radio contact so a plane was sent, but couldn't land because the airport is gone. Same is true for the hospital and most of the structures in the town of Hihifo, the capital. Again the numbers aren't in but they were hit hard. There is a boat loaded with supplies both food and medical as well and doctors and first responders on it's way. The boat ride is 48 hours. As for Vava'u and Ha'apai they experienced abnormal seas that manifested as the sea going out way past low and coming in way past high tide repeatedly and in a short time frame. Some boats and wharfs were dammaged but no injury that I have heard of. On the southernmost islands of 'Eua and Tongatapu (my island) we did not experience tsunami waves and asside from the radio announcements all seemed like a beautiful day in the South Pacific. It is another hard time here. Only 6 weeks after the Ashika sank and now there is a tsunami. This is hard. But like I said all on my island are well physically. Just thought you should know I am safe. Peace
and healing