Tongan Words: Peace Corp Volunteer in Tonga

 Here are a few interesting tidbits of the wonderful Tongan language.

Sai pe- literally good just. Good, fine, its all good, are you good? This can be used for ANYTHING, seriously. Everything can be sai or sai pe. Almost more useful than hello!

Eva pe- literally just wandering around. I recently found out you can eva on foot, in a car or even in a boat! Eva pe was taught to us in our third week of language. We got some basics, then learned how to say just wandering around, why on earth would this be so important? Well let me tell you, it is the only thing to do. It is also a good way to get someone off your case. If they ask where you are going and you don’t want to explain, or just want to keep a secret, say you are just eva.

Vaca puna- flying boat or airplane. Yes you know you are living on a small island when airplanes are classified as a type of boat.

Faka awesome- ok ok this is not a Tongan word, but it is one that PC Tonga group 73 uses a lot. It seems that there are not a plethora of words in Tongan so usually the meaning can change if you say something twice or precede the word with faka (like). So Faka awesome has become part of our vocab. Even some of the trainers are using it.

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