Peace Corp Volunteer in Tonga What a Wonderful World

Well I realize I have been grumpy lately and my emails have showed that. I guess it is easier to write when it is venting frustrations. So a few days ago I found myself sitting on a cinder block fence waiting for a bus. Nakolo is on Halaliku (cliff road) and I had a beautiful view of the cliff, or hill and the ocean and ‘Eua the neighboring big island. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I was sitting in the shade, the one place that you can think of the sun as gorgeous in the tropics. In Tonga it is rarely if ever appropriate to be alone so when I said I would go wait for the bus my friend Va said she would wait with me. All in all I had good friends to talk to, good weather and a beautiful location. I would say life is good.

PS: I am writing this from my bed where I have been, sick for the past 2 days. I still think life is good though.