Peace Corp Ending

My COS (close of service) conference is next week and I am SO EXITED!! I have been thinking for some time about the possibilities of what to do after Peace Corps and now it is time to really decide. As of now I am debating officially cosing in November (one month early) so I can travel to New Zealand or Fiji. Then returning to Tonga for the graduation of my students and my counterparts wedding. This leaves me precious little time to get home before the party, but I can do it! After the holidays the job search begins so if you hear of any Art Teacher jobs available, let me know.

I was asked to stay a third year as Volunteer Leader. I am touched more than anything. They like me! Yea! But I really don’t want to stay. From the outside you can only see if a person is standing and facing life. It is hard to tell the strength of the rope that holds them there. I feel like my rope is fraying and I just hope to make it to December.

For now I will just keep teaching, working on the website for the beach resort, helping with Breast Cancer Awareness month and trying to get a study hall built. Busy busy here, but that is good we are getting things done. My site is asking for another Peace Corps volunteer so hopefully the work will continue also.

Throughout my service I have been teased as ”Village Girl”. I am the one who will pass up a party on the US Navy ship to go to a school event on a Friday night. (I totally did that) Now there is a bit of a shift and we are joking about meimei osi itis (almost finished itis) I appreciate town more and escape my village sometimes. It is ok though as it just allows me to come back refreshed. Joining more comities pulls me in to town more, but I am less opposed to that this year as I was last year. I guess regular communication with friends and family, and warm water falling from above are just REALLY nice and I take them whenever I can get them.