Shopping: Peace Corp Volunteer in Tonga

 Well shopping was a huge stress point for me. I have had fun shopping before, but this is something else. We had to buy everything for a house most had never seen with not quite enough money. I tried to hold back and let folks on outer islands buy stuff first because I am on the main island.

Moving In: Peace Corp Volunteer in Tonga

 Oh my gosh I have the perfect little house! It was a little nerve racking when they pushed my move in date back a day, is it not done? Is there a problem? But when I got here and saw it WOW. It has two main rooms, a living/kitchen/ dinning room and a bedroom with a door between. The kitchen nook has counters which the gas tank and the fridge (yes the bane of my existence fridge) fit perfectly under.

Tongan Words: Peace Corp Volunteer in Tonga

 Here are a few interesting tidbits of the wonderful Tongan language.

Sai pe- literally good just. Good, fine, its all good, are you good? This can be used for ANYTHING, seriously. Everything can be sai or sai pe. Almost more useful than hello!