Peace Corp Volunteer in Tonga What is the problem?

Here is my theory. I wanted to leave the country and culture I was raised in and I am comfortable with so I could learn about a new culture and language and help where I could. Right, well I am definitely out of my comfort zone, but I am learning about another culture, and therefore completing my goal. But there are several aspects, one; I don’t know what I am doing. Every word, direction, interaction is new.

Tongan Clothing Peace Corp Volunteer in Tonga

In our Peace Corps "what to pack" instructions, it was stressed that in Tonga it is appropriate to always cover your shoulders and knees. This is the best way to translate Tongan dress into a packing list for Americans. Really women wear dresses or skirts and shirts. Pants are ok, but not for work. On many occasions women wearing pants will also have a wrap around skirt. Jeans are becoming more and more popular, mainly in the city, and only worn by the younger generations. Men generally wear a tupenu which is a wrap around skirt with pockets.

My Less Than Brilliant Moments. Enjoy! Peace Corp Volunteer in Tonga

So here is some news, I do to much sometimes! I know I have this problem but the combined 5 week break with now starting school has allowed me to pile on the tasks. Many peace corps friends and I wanted to go camping, but I had already committed to dance at a concerti for my school so we decided to camp at the beach near my town. We met at my house for a few minutes and I thought we should get out of here! To many mixed gender friends at my house and all the neighbors are watching. So we headed to the beach and got set up.

Visits: Peace Corp Volunteer in Tonga


Well I received the holiday party video and was able to see and hear many of you. Thank you for all the wonderful messages and well wishes. I hope you are all doing well too and anytime you can bear standing in front of a video camera and spouting out a message to me, I would love to see that too. I miss you all.

My faka 'ofa Holidays: Peace Corp Volunteer in Tonga

 Faka ‘ofa- sorry, sad or pathetic

Last Week of Training: Peace Corp Volunteer in Tonga

 I feel like I finally have time to take the 10 deep breaths I have needed for two months. In a way I have just collapsed into this new perfect house and I wonder how many days it will take for me to pry myself up again. Let alone unpack! Either way I am here and I have been intermittently writing, unpacking, sleeping, and of course eating (hey this is still Tonga)