Healthy Eating Reflections

So I was reading a book the other day called “Bugs in the Peanut Butter”. Good book dealing with food standards and over processing. In the beginning they cited some of the healthier eating styles such as the South Pacific nations of Fiji and Tonga. Did you hear that? Tonga cited as healthy? Since they are the fattest nation in the world I was skeptical. I read on and found a few things out. The point of the citation was to acknowledge the importance


Well as you all know I have been learning Tongan. Here are a few of my recent observations.


So I was teaching sentence writing to class 6. They are helping me by writing a sentence for each letter on my alphabet wall. When we got to D they wrote a sentence that sort of fit.

David made a delicious dog. 

Visiting Parents

My parents came in March and we had a great time. We went all around my island and also to Ha’apai. Now family has visited before but nothing like this. They had feasts and food every moment. I was going to say everyday but that is an understatement. Once we felt we almost had a handle on the food another two plates would arrive. Even the kindy (who I don’t work with) gave heaps of food and gifts.


The day my parents arrived my school offered them a feast. My parents weren’t hungry, but I explained that is how Tongans do things and this is how they welcome people so even if they didn’t eat a whole lot, we needed to go. Well they definitely wanted to go so we set out. On the way we saw Sione, the town officer, driving by. He stopped and I introduced everyone. Then he said he wanted us to go to his house and see how Tongans eat, with their hands! Of course he meant to feed us. I got that and to be respectful of our upcoming feast he only gave us appetizers.


When I woke up it was about 7. No power, big time storm. Strong winds, rain and a piece of metal, either someone’s roof or a pigpen, is in my yard. The storm started around 2 am and is in full swing. I guess my parents left just in time. I listened to the radio report and yup Cyclone Linn is here. Next the radio went out. After 10 minutes of only hearing static intensified with each lightning strike I turned it off. Around 7:45 Fetu’u called really concerned about my house.

Feeling Better!

Wow, I feel better! I mean really better, not just no longer have a fever better. When I got back to my house I had to clean everything of course, hey I have been gone for a month. I started with the dishes and when I was done I instinctively reached for the chair so I could sit and rest. Then I realized, I AM NOT TIRED!!! Wow I didn’t realize how sick I have been for the last 4 months, but this is great.

Obama in Australia

Well mom asked me to get a feel out what Australians think of our new president. This is what I have gotten so far.

They are not as current with the situation as we are. Of course they know we have a new president, but they can't see any changes yet so they are really skeptical. One guy asked if I was from Canada and when I said America he responded with, Oh, I think I would rather stay up north.

My birthday

As some of you may remember my birthday last year was less than exiting as I was still sick with dengue. I sort of put a lot of pressure on this years birthday to be great to sort of make up for it. Well here is what I got.



When I moved to my site December 15, 2007 I found a perfect little house with a table, some chairs a counter, a rack to hang clothes and a princess bed. Then my town officer started making promises, one of which was a sink.