Opportunity to Help a Tongan Community

I spent the day today with my hands in the dirt. It is such a great feeling to be one with the earth and the food you eat every now and again and I get to help! It is refreshing to have the organic push come from someone other than me. I am totally on board of course, but others care! Needless to say it has been great getting back to work.
So this is my latest secondary project. Sione, the new very motivated minister, the youth group and I are starting a small organic farm. The goal is to provide work for the youth and raise money for a new hall.
Why are these things are important? The youth (unmarried 20-35 year olds) many times don’t have jobs. Tongan culture keeps them busy as they are called on to help with many projects big and small (two youth helped me build my fence) throughout the community. Still with no paying jobs they often become a burden if they ask for money all the time. This would help provide pocket money for them.
A hall is the only meeting place other than church, convenience stores or private homes. Sometimes (and in this case) they are associated with churches, but not always. They are used for meetings, concerts, tapa making, kava circles (traditional tongan things, wow I am behind on my journal huh? Sorry) As of now the Wesleyan church has a hall, but it is rickety and leaks when it rains.
So here is your opportunity to help! We will need funding as things come up with the garden such as seeds and ploughing. I have donated for the carrot seeds as those are the first to be planted. Let me know if you are interested in donating to either the garden or the hall. I will keep you updated as to what is needed and when. It is the tongan way for things to shift a bit so planting carrots, corn, peanuts and green peppers could easily turn into just carrots and corn, or go the other way and become 15 vegetables. Who knows. Also let me know if you need pictures or a write up to take to a group (rotary club, church group or beer club). I will do my best. I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy (like me right now!) Peace to all.